A modern twist on the nostalgic flavors you’ve always loved. We combined delicious flavor, vegan ingredients & hemp-derived THC so you can feel like it’s summertime all day every day.

Pop a gummy and bask in its higher-vibe, sunshine-y glow. 

2 Pack | 10 servings per package | 200mg THC Total

10mg THC


Ships to: FL, TN, WI, RI, WV, VT, TX, SD, PA, OK, OH, NY, NV, NM, NJ, NH, NE, ND, MO, MN, MI, MS, ME, LA, IN, IL, IA, DE, CT, CO, CA, AZ, AL, AK

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onset & Serving

Enjoy half, one or a couple per session. Be mindful of what works for you and savor slowly. Life’s fast enough.

Clean Ingredients

All natural flavor: Grape

Isomalt: a less sweet, sugar alternative derived from beet sugar, with less guilt (and calories)

Cannabis Extract: Hemp THC, thoroughly tested

Also contains: Sugar (coated to avoid stickiness), Organic Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin, MCT Oil, Citric Acid, Organic Color.

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A New Type of Happy Hour: Find Wunder

Pop the top and clink those glasses. 

Listen for longer. Ask questions when you’re curious. Make memories worth remembering. Then tell us tomorrow how you spent your #WUNDERHour.


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