Frequently asked questions.

Made with bold natural flavors, WUNDER is a refreshing and enjoyable cannabis-infused sparkling beverage.

WUNDER Sessions (our low-dose drink) provides just the right combination of cannabinoids for a more present and sociable experience. A low-dose of Delta-9 THC helps establish a blissful mindset while Delta-8 THC creates a relaxing, in-your-body sensation. The balancing effects of CBD create an uplifting experience.

WUNDER Higher Vibes (our high-dose drink) is for the cannasseur seeking a more elevated experience. When consuming 10mg of Delta-9 THC with 10mg of Delta-8 THC, the result is a bold shift in perception followed by waves of calm.

WUNDER offers a low-dose beverage (Sessions) and high-dose beverage (Higher Vibes).

All Sessions drinks feature the same cannabinoid profile to ensure a consistent low-dose experience: 2mg Delta-9 THC, 2mg Delta-8 THC and 4mg CBD.

Our Higher Vibes drinks feature a total of 10mg Delta-9 THC and 10mg Delta-8 THC in every can.

For bold WUNDER flavor, drink chilled, straight from the can or over ice. Enjoy a refreshing spritzer by mixing with sparkling water, or turn WUNDER into your favorite cannabis cocktail of choice (without alcohol of course).
Tolerance varies by person and the effects can be felt in as few as fifteen minutes, and for some, last for about an hour per serving. As with all cannabis drinks, start low and go slow to find a dose that works for you.
To open our child-resistant tops, first lift the black tab to break the white seal. Then, slide the tab until it clicks to reveal the opening, and enjoy! The tops are resealable so you can enjoy any unfinished drinks later!
WUNDER is best served chilled. Unrefrigerated cans should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light.
We recommend drinking your cans within one year of their production date, which can be found on the bottom of each can.

WUNDER beverages combine pure California cannabis extract with sparkling water, real fruit juice and other all natural ingredients. A full list of each flavor’s ingredients can be found here.

Allulose is a naturally occurring rare sugar with about 70% the sweetness and 1/10 the calories of regular table sugar. Our allulose is gluten free and derived from US-grown, Non-GMO corn.
WUNDER is crafted in California using pure micro-emulsified California cannabis extract. Our manufacturing license number is CDPH-10003710 and our beverages are tested by third party certified labs for cannabinoids, potency, pesticides and heavy metals.

Your dispensary and WUNDER are here to serve you. Simply let your favorite dispensary know what you’re looking for and drop us a line to tell us where you’d like to find WUNDER.

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